Vision & Mission


Each child should have access to quality education to uplift the rural life of Nepali people.



Provide training and support to schools so that the children will get appropriate learning environment and grow in to capable, responsible and influential members of the society.


Adopt the best practices and ensure students’ active participation in learning

Improve students’ retention, enrollment and regularities in schools

Improve community involvement in schools

Make the schools resourceful

Establish strong school culture

Develop educational leadership among teachers, head teachers and SMC

Project Objectives

Develop child friendly teaching learning environment by innovative teaching skills and strategies

Increase involvement of parents and communities in school activities

Increase active participation of child clubs in school and community activities

Provide need-based support to schools, such as instructional, IT and library resources

Ensure equitable access to appropriate teaching learning resources

Develop a dynamic Lead Teachers’ Network for assisting in training and monitoring activities and sustainable in-school support activities to impart quality education

Where we work

LEARN is primarily focused on one rural district of Gandaki province, namely, Myagdi.

LEARN mainly focuses on Lifting Education Program in two RMs Annapurna Rural Municipality and Raghuganga Rural Municipality of Myagdi district. It works in total of 36 schools in Annapurna RM and 18 schools in Raguganga RM to enhance the quality education intensively. It covers other support program such as community orientation program, child protection program, School Management Committee training, scholarship distribution program, child-friendly furniture support, and other intensive support activities on the demand of local stakeholders.