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LEARN, a non-governmental organization established in 2014 AD with the vision of “Each child should have access to quality education to uplift the rural life of Nepali people”, has been working for the improvement of school education in the remote areas of Nepal since its establishment. Its activities focus on transforming education through teachers’ trainings, in-school support, child club mobilization and school-community relationship. In particular, the major interventions include improved classroom management, teaching material development, classroom delivery methodologies and child protection initiatives. In addition to that, it aims to support with Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) materials and school infrastructures for quality education in schools.

LEARN has begun its venture from Myagdi, where basic level of education was in miserable condition due to uneven geographical structure of the district followed by lack of knowledge over the importance of education in local level. In spite of being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Gandaki province, easy access in quality education facilities has been a major problem facing by the people of the district for several years. In this connection, LEARN started its core activities in 6 community schools of Shikha Resource Center. At present, it has been working in two rural municipalities, viz. Annapurna and Raghuganga, covering 70 community based schools for the betterment of overall educational standards in these areas.

LEARN believes in holistic approach and follows the same while implementing its projects, ensuring quality education. For the overall development of education status in its project implementing areas, the organization works with teachers, students, SMCs, PTAs, parents, community members and other like-minded organizations. With the funding support of Quality Education Nepal, Australia and Rotary Foundation Global Grant, LEARN has now the following key programs:

  • Teacher Trainings
  • Teaching Learning Materials and School infrastructures Support
  • Scholarships
  • Child Club Mobilization Program
  • SMC/PTA Workshop
  • Community Orientation Program
  • Dynamic Learning Circle
  • Lead Teachers’ Network

Furthermore, activities of LEARN have been contributing towards the goal no. 4 of Sustainable Development Goals, i.e. ‘Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all’. These projects have been carried out with the direct coordination with Center for Education & Human Resources Development, District Coordination Committee, Education Development and Coordination Unit, rural municipalities, SMCs, PTAs, child clubs and other like-minded agencies.

A message from Chairperson

It is a matter of enormous pleasure for
me that we are able to get connected
with all our donor organizations
and stakeholders with this annual
newsletter. Although Coronavirus
Disease (covid19) makes it impossible
to smoothly implement the scheduled
programmes for the last quarter of
FY 2019/20, some of the important
programs and activities conducted this year have
been covered in this newsletter. I am very pleased
to state that the continuous support we have got
from our donors, government line agencies, BoD of
LEARN, our laborious staff and, most importantly, the
communities of Myagdi is praiseworthy and without
such sort of support, LEARN would be worthless. At
this very moment, I would like to acknowledge the
support of Quality Education Nepal, Australia, Rotary
Global Grant Project, Social Welfare Council, Centre
for Education and Human Resource Development,
Education Development and Coordination Unit,
Myagdi, District Coordination Committee, Myagdi
and Rural Municipalities of Myagdi. I also express
my sincere gratitude to all the stakeholders who have
supported us in our journey to making progressive
differences in the lives of children in rural areas of

A message from Executive Director

LEARN, as you all know, is
growing. In the past few years,
it has expanded to reach some
other communities of Myagdi
district. It has also diversified
its programmes and activities to
support communities through
education and child protection. I
believe, this newsletter plays an
important role in disseminating
LEARN’s mission to quality
education in Myagdi. And, this is
possible with the commitment and
contribution from every individual
at all levels. I further would like to
request to you all to put hands together to achieve
the envisioned goals of LEARN that ultimately
benefit the poor and needy people of remote areas.
The dedication of our team has excelled to get good
recognition and reputation of our organization at
district as well as national level.